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Kim Jong Un's mother praised in N.Korean film 北朝鮮フィルムでKim Jong Unの母親を賞賛
NHK has obtained a North Korean film, which praises the mother of the country's leader Kim Jong Un.
The film was produced by North Korea's governing Workers Party last year.
Most of the film shows Ko Young Hee accompanying the country's late General Secretary Kim Jong Il on his inspection tour of army units. This is seen as demonstrating her involvement in the policy of putting priority on the military, which had been promoted by the former leader.
Showing a photo of Ko holding a rifle, the film depicts her as a good shot.
The film also shows Ko watching Kim Jong Un drawing a picture when he was small.
In another scene, Ko gives a speech in which she says she along with other cadres and people live with confidence in General Secretary Kim.
Ko was born in Osaka, western Japan, in 1952. Her father was a North Korean resident of Japan. These facts are not mentioned in the film.
Ko is described as the 4th wife of Kim Jong Il but she was never introduced to the general public. This is the first time that the existence of a film depicting her has been revealed.
The film was originally obtained by Professor Lee Young Hwa of Kansai University in Suita, Osaka Prefecture.
He says North Korean authorities began showing the film around last month at meetings of party and army cadres.
He adds that the film introduces Kim Jong Un's mother as a woman who supported General Secretary Kim behind the scenes, just like the mothers of the country's previous leaders.
The film is apparently designed to further heighten the authority of First Secretary Kim by emphasizing that both his father and mother are great.
Ko Young Hee moved to North Korea with her family as part of a project promoted in the 1960s for Korean residents of Japan to return to the North.
In North Korea, she belonged to an art troupe as a dancer. She came to Japan with the troupe for a performance tour in 1973.
She and Kim Jong Il had 3 children -- Jong Un, his elder brother Jong Chol, and his sister Yeo Jeong.
Ko is said to have died in 2004 at a hospital in Paris, where she was being treated for breast cancer.
North Korea's previous silence regarding Ko apparently reflects its official stance of attaching importance to the family lineage of Kim Il Sung, who took part in anti-Japanese activities.
Yet, North Korean state-run media had indirectly introduced Ko by referring to her as a respectable eomeoni, meaning mother, in the past. In June of last year, the Workers' Party newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, carried a long article on a kind of azalea in an apparent reference to Ko Young Hee.

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North Korean drought 北朝鮮で干ばつ
UN: N.Korea exported weapons by way of China 国連:北朝鮮が中国経由で武器輸出
US and Russia look far apart on Syria シリア関連でアメリカ、ロシアに隔たりの見解
US hosts largest-ever military drill off Hawaii アメリカ、ハワイ沖でかってない大掛かりな軍事演習
EU agrees on emergency measures EU緊急処理案を了承

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Huge rare earth reserves found in Japanese EEZ  莫大はレアアースの埋蔵が日本の排他的経済水域で発見される
A Japanese team of scientists say it has found massive reserves of rare earth metals in the country's exclusive economic zone.
University of Tokyo Professor Yasuhiro Kato announced the results of his team's 4-year study of mud taken from the 5,600-meter deep seabed in the Pacific Ocean.
The mud has high concentrations of dysprosium, used for hybrid car motors, and terbium, which is needed for liquid crystal display panels.
The mineral-rich seabed is believed to be at least 1,000-square-kilometers in size and is located near Minami-torishima Island, about 2,000 kilometers from Tokyo. The estimated 6.8 million tons of deposits is enough to cover Japan's rare earth metal consumption for 227 years.
This is the first time large rare earth metal reserves have been discovered in Japan's exclusive economic zone. The team will work with Japanese firms to study ways to take the mineral-rich mud from the deep sea.
Last year, the team found that the Pacific Ocean alone may contain 800 times more rare earth reserves than the total of the earth's land. But developing natural resources in international waters requires coordination with other countries.
At present, China produces more than 90 percent of the global output of rare earth metals.
Professor Kato says his team's discovery is significant because Japan can explore rare earth metals on its own. He also says further surveys should start immediately to determine a precise distribution map.
推定6.8 million tonsが見込まれ日本の227年分の消費を充分賄える量です。

Japan, US, EU file WTO complaint against China
Japan, the United States and the European Union will file a complaint this week with the World Trade Organization, accusing China of restricting access to rare earth metals.
China is the world largest producer of rare earth. They are used in the manufacture of high-technology products such as cell phones, television screens and hybrid cars.
The 3 parties decided to ask the WTO to set up a panel after they failed to resolve the issue through direct talks with China.
China says the restrictions are legitimate. It says they are designed to preserve the resources and the environment.
The WTO is expected to set up the panel in about a month.

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久し振りのスイミング  2012年6月27日




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Ozawa likely to leave DPJ soon 小沢一郎間もなく民主党離脱か?
Fighting rages in Damascus suburbs 戦闘の猛威ダマスカスの郊外へ
Turkish PM warns Syria トルコ首相シリア警告
Hackers target Japanese govt. websites ハッカーの標的日本政府のウエブサイトへ
NATO criticizes Syria's shooting of Turkish jet NATOシリアのトルコ戦闘機攻撃を非難
TEPCO proposes bailout to shareholders 東京電力 株主へ(政府)支援策受け入れを提案 (TEPCO⇒ Tokyo Electric Power Company)
Activists protest against TEPCO (非原発)活動家 東京電力へ抗議活動
Assad: Syria in state of war アサド シリア内線状態を認める

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Lower House passes tax bills 衆議院税法案可決
The Lower House of Japan's Diet has passed a set of bills that include doubling the consumption tax to 10 percent by 2015.
The tax hike and social security reform bills passed on Tuesday.
Some members of the main ruling Democratic Party voted against the bills or abstained.
But most members of the ruling party voted for the legislation, with support from the opposition Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito.
The bills will now go to the Upper House where they are expected to be enacted with opposition party support.

Democratic Party split over tax hike bills 民主党増税法案で分裂
The Lower House of Japan's Diet has passed a bill to double the consumption tax to 10 percent by 2015.
The bill passed by a vote of 363 to 96 on Tuesday, with support from the main ruling Democratic Party, the opposition Liberal Democratic Party and its ally New Komeito.
57 members of the Democratic Party voted against the bill. They include former party leader Ichiro Ozawa and former prime minister Yukio Hatoyama.
Ozawa and his associates are considering leaving the party and launching their own.
The DPJ is expected to split in two, causing more political confusion.

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US to deploy Osprey in Okinawa as planned アメリカ予定通りオスプレイを沖縄へ配備
Egypt's president-elect begins forming government 新エジプト大統領組閣を開始
Cyprus becomes 5th nation to request bailout キプロス五番目の緊急援助要請国へ
EU bans Iranian oil ヨーロッパ連合イランオイル輸入禁止
Japan, US, EU file WTO complaint against China 日本、アメリカ、EUはWTOへ中国告訴へ
Noda pledges early passage of bills 野田首相、法案早期可決を誓う
Okinawa assembly opposes Osprey deployment 沖縄集会オスプレイ配備に反対

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Ozawa leads opposition to consumption tax hike 小沢一郎、消費税増税に反対の立場をとる(表明)
Japan's main governing party is facing a serious division over a set of bills to double the consumption tax and reform social security.
One of the Democratic Party's most influential members, Ichiro Ozawa, says he will vote against the bills. He also suggested he would leave the party.
Ozawa, a former party president, met more than 20 party lawmakers close to him on Friday and urged them to follow his move.
The Lower House is set to vote on the bills next Tuesday.
The legislation is likely to pass the chamber, as the Democrats earlier struck a compromise with 2 main opposition parties -- the Liberal Democrats and New Komeito -- to amend the bills.
On Thursday, Ozawa told the Democratic Party's Secretary General Azuma Koshiishi that he was against raising the consumption tax before fiscal and administrative reforms are complete.
Later the same day, Ozawa told like-minded lawmakers that they should consider leaving the party, with an eye on forming a new one. About 50 Lower House Democrats attended the meeting.
The Democratic Party and its coalition partner, the People's New Party, would lose their majority in the Lower House if more than 53 lawmakers leave.
Democratic Party executives are trying to discourage potential dissenters from joining Ozawa.
Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has vowed to stake his political career on passing the bills, under which the 5-percent consumption would be doubled by 2015.
Jun. 22, 2012 - Updated 08:41 UTC (17:41 JST)

Pakistan names Ashraf as new prime minister
Taliban seizure of hotel kills 19
Shafiq claims victory in Egypt presidential runoff
Syria violence kills nearly 130 in one day
Japan govt. policy on summer power saving
N.Korea opens Japanese cemetery to media
Okinawa remembers war
Okinawa remembers victims of fierce battle
Peace march in Okinawa
Pentagon briefs Japan on Osprey crashes
Rio+20 ends after adopting statement 以下これに関する私のぼやき
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledged 20-million dollars in aid for African       countries to introduce renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.
アメリカのクリントン国務長官、アフリカ諸国に太陽光や風力発電の新しいエネルギー資源再開発導入に20-million dollars 日本円で約160億円の援助を表明しました。
日本は先日3-billion dollar 日本円にして2、400億円を
to balance environmental conservation with economic development

Ozawa said there are other things the public wants the government to do before asking them to bear the burden of a major tax increase.
開発途上国の発展のためならともかく、こういう金が一部の人間の懐を潤すのだけは絶対にしてほしくないですな。 一低額納税者より

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マリノア & 小戸公園 & ヨットハーバー 2012年6月22日






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今日の散歩(桧原園芸公園) 2012年6月21日







Big solar power plant to be built in Fukushima
Japanese electronics maker Toshiba will build several solar power stations in a city near the disabled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
Toshiba managing director Takeshi Yokota signed an agreement with the mayor of Minamisoma, Katsunobu Sakurai, on Wednesday.
Under the contract, the company will build the plants along the coast. The area is designated as a tsunami risk zone, where construction of new houses has been banned since last year's disaster.
The city plans to buy 1.5 million square meters of land and lease it to a venture set up by Toshiba for the project.
Construction will start in March and the plants will begin operating in 2014.
They will provide up to 100 megawatts of electricity---enough to meet the demands of 30,000 homes.
It will be the largest solar power plant project in Japan.
Minamisoma aims to end its dependence on nuclear power and eventually meet the power demands of all homes in the city with renewable energy.
Mayor Sakurai says the project will serve as encouragement to residents as they work toward that goal.

Release of Egypt's presidential winner delayed
Greek parties agree to form coalition
Rio+20 aims for green economy
Japan pledges $3-bil in aid at Rio+20
  $3-bilと云えば3 billion dollar つまり3億ドル、日本円にして2、400億円
   to balance environmental conservation with economic development のためなら

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Typhoon Guchol approaches mainland Japan (台風Guchol日本本土接近)
Japan is bracing for a strong typhoon, set to make landfall later on Tuesday.
The Japanese Meteorological Agency says that as of 3PM Tuesday, typhoon Guchol was around 100 kilometers south of Shikoku island.
The agency measured a low of 965 hectopascals, causing winds up to 180 kilometers per hour.
It says the moist southerly winds from the typhoon, together with a rain front, are causing torrential rain across a wide area.
The agency says the typhoon is heading northward at 55 kilometers per hour and it forecasts Guchol to reach mainland Japan later on Tuesday.
The weather agency is warning of heavy storms across the country. It says that in some areas of the Pacific coast of central Japan there will be as much as 50 centimeters of rain by noon on Wednesday.

Typhoon makes landfall on Japan's main island
Typhoon Guchol has made landfall in western Japan. Forecasters say the storm is bringing torrential rains to many coastal areas.
It is the first typhoon in 8 years to make a direct strike on Japan's main island of Honshu during the month of June.
Japan's Meteorological Agency say Typhoon Guchol will maintain strength as it travels northeast across the country.
In some areas in western and eastern Japan local governments have issued evacuation advisories affecting thousands of people.
The storm has disrupted transportation networks across the country. Airlines have so far cancelled more than 430 domestic flights. 42 international flights have also been grounded.
交通機関も混乱しています。空の便は430便以上の国内便がキャンセル、国際便は42便が飛行中止(grounded 待機中? 飛べないでいる? 地上のまま?)

Typhoon hits mainland Japan (台風本州直撃)
A strong typhoon has reached mainland Japan, bringing heavy rain to wide areas. Coastal areas of northeastern Japan are bracing for high waves.
The Meteorological Agency says Typhoon Guchol is bringing heavy rain and strong winds to wide areas of Japan's main island Honshu.
The agency reported a low of 965 hectopascals, and says the typhoon is packing winds of up to 180 kilometers per hour. The storm is now moving northeast at 65 kilometers per hour in central Japan.
The agency says some areas will get as much as 40 centimeters of rain by noon on Wednesday.
In western Japan, municipalities have issued evacuation instructions or advisories to 96,000 households due to possible landslides.
The northeastern city of Ishinomaki issued an evacuation advisory for 13,000 households for fear of high waves. The city's coastal area sank due to last year's devastating earthquake, making it more vulnerable to high waves.
The typhoon has disrupted transportation networks across the country. Airlines have cancelled more than 430 domestic and about 40 international flights.

EU vows at G20 to recover euro credit confidence
Greek leaders agree to form coalition government
Egyptian military revises interim constitution
EU leaders at G20 vow to restore stability
Egypt faces new wave of turmoil
Iran determined to keep enriching uranium
AIJ president arreste AIJ社長逮捕
Noda, Obama agree to move TPP talks ahead
Okinawa Governor opposes Osprey deployment

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アラスカのMT Mckinleyで5人の日本人が雪崩に逢い1人だけクレパスに落ちたところから自力で這い上がりベースキャンプへ辿りついて救けを求めたというニュースです。

4 Japanese missing on Mt McKinley (日本人4名 Mt McKinleyで行方不明)
Four Japanese climbers are missing on Mt. McKinley in Alaska after they were hit by an avalanche on Wednesday.
The avalanche struck 5 Japanese climbers while they were descending the 6,194-meter mountain as a team.
The avalanche is reported to have occurred at about 2 AM on Wednesday at around 3,600 meters up Mt. McKinley, the highest peak in North America.
69-year-old Hitoshi Ogi says he fell into a crevasse and climbed out by himself. He descended to the base camp at the 2,200-meter level on Thursday, and reported the accident to US national park authorities.
The National Park Service says 10 rescue workers are searching for the missing climbers with a sniffer dog, but have found no trace of them so far.
Ogi told NHK over the telephone that when he looked back after hearing a sound, an avalanche was nearing the climbers. He said he fell about 20 meters deep in a crevasse and managed to crawl up to the surface.
He said the 5 climbers were linked by a rope with him walking in the last position, and that the rope was cut by a rocky ice wall during his fall. Ogi said after climbing out of the crevasse he looked for his 4 colleagues in vain.


Japan decides to restart Ohi nuclear plant
Work starts to restart No.3 reactor (3号機再稼働のための作業開始)
Fukushima town mayors criticize plant restart
Fukushima evacuees distrust nuclear plant restart
UN observers in Syria suspend operations
Greece to hold parliamentary election re-run
Car bomb attacks kill 32 in Baghdad
1st Uniqlo shop opens in Manila
Japan asking US for Osprey info
NHK drama wins award at Monte-Carlo TV Festival

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Breaking Newsとして
Japan decides to restart Ohi nuclear plant
The Japanese government has decided to restart 2 idled reactors at the Ohi nuclear plant in Fukui Prefecture, central Japan.
The restart will be the first among the country's 50 idled nuclear reactors after the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi plant.
The decision was reached by Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and 3 other Cabinet ministers during their meeting on Saturday morning.
The meeting was held after Fukui Governor Issei Nishikawa conveyed his approval for restarting the No.3 and No.4 reactors to the prime minister earlier in the day.


Last Aum fugitive arrested(オウム最後の逃亡者逮捕)
Tokyo police have arrested the last fugitive member of the Aum Shinrikyo cult who was on the run for 17 years.
Katsuya Takahashi was detained earlier on Friday in Tokyo's Ota Ward. He was in a manga cafe, a type of Internet cafe where customers can read comics and stay overnight.
Police say he was alone. They were tipped off by staff at the cafe who reported a man resembling the fugitive.
Detectives say Takahashi admitted he was the man they were looking for.
Police say Takahashi withdrew about 30,000 dollars in cash from a bank in neighboring Kawasaki City on June 4th. This was one day after fellow cult member Naoko Kikuchi was arrested. He then bought a roller bag and continued to evade police.
lThe 54-year-old suspect was wanted in connection with the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system in March, 1995. He allegedly helped one of the perpetrators flee after the attack.
Besides the subway attack, Takahashi is also wanted in connection with other crimes. These include the Aum abduction and murder of a notary public in Tokyo in February 1995, a month before the sarin attack.
Takahashi reportedly told investigators that he committed crimes under orders from senior Aum members. He said did not know the purpose of some of the orders.
Police say they will inquire how Takahashi had remained a fugitive for 17 years and his involvement in Aum-related crimes.



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